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Each Santa Rosa Criminal Defense Attorney understands the aggressive and dedicated representation you need to stand up against criminal charges. A criminal conviction can lead to a permanent record against you, stripping you of your freedoms and rights as an American citizen. Protecting you from this life-altering event is our top priority. Let us build a strong defense for you and make the courts dismiss your case. With more than 50 years of combined criminal defense experience, we’re the law firm of choice through California’s North and Greater Bay areas.

Our Criminal Defense Practice Areas


All criminal defense attorneys are not created equal. Many take the slow approach, delaying case investigation until they receive police documents or even until the first court date. At Vandyk Law, we know that the first few days following an arrest are critical in defending against charges. Our team will get to work on your behalf immediately. With an office just minutes away from the Sonoma County courthouses and jail, we’ll be by your side to represent you during police questioning as soon as you call.

Our backgrounds in the criminal system as detectives, police officers, and investigators for the District Attorney’s Office give our firm a unique edge in criminal defense law. This extensive criminal defense experience will work in your favor throughout the entire process. Our attorneys have handled thousands of criminal cases throughout California, from crimes like driving under the influence (DUI) to manslaughter and homicide.

We’ll intervene in your legal representation at any stage during the process, from the criminal investigation period to having your record expunged. Whether you’re a victim, the accused, or a witness to a crime, if you believe you need skilled legal representation, contact a Santa Rosa Criminal Defense Attorney at Vandyk Law immediately.

We have handled thousands of cases, and successfully tried dozens of criminal cases in state and federal courts, but we’ll do our best to avoid going to trial. Instead, we’ll strive to have the courts dismiss your case through expert negotiation, mediation, and arbitration with an unbiased third-party judge. Click here to see some of our Criminal Law case results here. Our litigation strategies keep your best interest in mind, doing everything in our power to keep your case quiet, out of the courtroom, and cost-efficient. No matter what twists and turns your case may take, we’ll be with you every step of the way.


When it comes to criminal defense in California, you need an attorney who genuinely cares about what happens to you. If your defense attorney isn’t your biggest advocate, who will be? While legal know-how and criminal law experience are vital traits every attorney needs, it’s the level of care that truly separates good attorneys from great ones. Our previous clients vouch for the Vandyk Law difference, thanking us for keeping them informed throughout the entire process, staying attentive to their needs, and understanding that “there is a human element to every case.”

In most criminal cases, the accused is a regular person who made a bad decision. We’ve all hit low points in our lives when we do something we regret out of desperation or lack of foresight. Unfortunately for some people, these things result in breaking the law. The law is in place to protect American citizens—even those accused of crimes. At Vandyk Law, we firmly believe in the mantra “innocent until proven guilty,” and we treat every client with the care and respect that they deserve.

We understand how confusing and frightening a criminal case can be to the accused and their families. That’s why we always keep you in the loop during criminal case proceedings, answering your questions and taking your phone calls 24/7. We never ignore client calls, and we take the time to explain every step and decision we make thoroughly before proceeding. Our role as your legal representative doesn’t end when the gavel strikes the block: you can count on us to speak with you anytime in the future about your criminal case or record. That’s the Vandyk Law promise.

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No matter what type of crime the legal system accuses you of, contact us to discuss your case right away. Our practice areas are those we’ve successfully tried in Sonoma County and beyond, from our law office based in Santa Rosa. If you find yourself facing charges for any of these crimes, we can begin helping you today.

Please contact us regardless of the crime that police have accused you of in California. Our practice area list isn’t exhaustive, and we wish to help every accused criminal in the region seek justice—no matter what the list of charges includes. We offer the experienced, capable legal representation that you need to have the courts dismiss your case, reduce your sentence, or expunge your record.

In most criminal cases, you can get out of jail if someone posts bail. A judge will set your bail amount depending on the circumstances of your alleged crime. Bail is cash, property, or a bond someone gives as a guarantee that you’ll appear in court at your ordered date. Failure to appear in court after posting bail can lead to further charges and a warrant for your arrest.

During the early stages of a criminal case, you’ll speak with your criminal defense attorney about your options. There are many defenses for criminal charges, from pleading innocent to taking a plea bargain. When you work with an attorney from Vandyk Law, you’ll know that your attorney has your best interest at heart and will advise you of the best route for your case. Criminal charges may or may not go to court.

After your trial or meeting with the judge, the courts will find you guilty or innocent of the charges. If found guilty, you have the right to appeal your conviction. Our attorneys will do the best we can to reduce your sentence if convicted, and we’ll remain by your side while you fulfill your punishment. We’ll inform you of your rights as a convicted criminal as well as any additional options at your disposal. If you wish to seek record expungement at some point in the future, we’ll help you navigate this process as well.

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As soon as you can after an arrest, contact Vandyk Law. We’re committed to defending accused criminals in the North Bay area and beyond to the best of our abilities. Whether this is your first arrest, second arrest, or fifth arrest, we have the resources you need to resolve your case and help you get back on your feet.

No matter what charges or consequences you’re facing, you’ll feel much more confident with experienced criminal defense attorneys by your side. Call (707) 528-1100 today to speak with one of our lead lawyers.