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We represent clients in Sonoma County and the surrounding area. We pride ourselves in our exceptional negotiating skills and strive to keep our clients cost down, but we are not afraid to litigate when necessary. If your case goes to trial, rest assured, you are in good hands; our attorneys are excellent litigators with a diverse background in law.

Choosing Carolyn Vandyk To Represent You?

Divorce is one of the most sensitive areas of Family Law. Emotions are high and one may feel angry, discouraged or confused. Disputes between spouses can involve money, property and of course, common children, biological or step. We believe that Divorce and other family law issues are best handled by lawyers who understand California Divorce laws along with the personal turmoil and uncertainty that clients in this situation are experiencing. Contact a Santa Rosa Divorce Lawyer at Vandyk Law today. We can guide you through the whole process from the first thought of separation or divorce, to petition, mediation and court. Our goal is to get you through the rough times so you can move on to happier times with the least amount of stress, pain, and aggravation.

If you’re looking at divorce or separation in your future, you’re not alone. Residents of the Santa Clara and Sonoma areas are in the same situation, as the numbers of such incidences don’t seem to be dropping. In a recent article in the Press Democrat, it was reported that:

“The number of married couples filing for divorce in Sonoma County has dropped 15 percent over the past five years…but experts say the statistic is misleading and doesn’t take into account an overall decline in marriage.

More couples than ever are living together and having kids out of wedlock, for a variety of reasons. And they call it quits just like their married counterparts.”

Simplified Divorce Proceedings

No-Fault Divorce occurs when one or both partners choose to end a marriage without a valid reason or accusation. If a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is filed, the court must move forward with termination of that marriage without due cause.

The only explanation that is needed is Irreconcilable Differences, which simply means that the couple can no longer make their relationship work. There is no further proof needed.

An Uncontested Divorce arises when both people in the marriage reach a mutual agreement on all areas of their divorce, including financial issues, child visitation, child support and custody, the division of property, spousal support, etc. There is no formal trial and no appearance in court is required. Although this is a simple and fast route to take, it is imperative that an attorney is consulted throughout the process. Neglecting to hire an attorney could result in a loss of rights that one or both parties were unaware they had.

Simplified Divorce can also be referred to as Summary Dissolution. It’s an uncontested, no-fault divorce that occurs without any conflict arising between the spouses. Spouses must represent themselves in court and have lived in California for at least 6 months. There are several other requirements to qualify for this type of divorce and little to no assets must be held by either party. Spousal support will not be granted and there’s no process in which assets are divided. This type of divorce is sought in rare cases where the marriage was quick and each partner’s life wasn’t melded with the other’s.

A Limited Divorce is similar to a legal separation in that the couple is given time to divide assets and determine custodial issues before the divorce is final. Each party must live separately and refrain from sexual activity with each other or others. The marriage isn’t dissolved and each person’s marital status remains unchanged.

Compassionate Advocacy When You Need it Most

The legal professionals at Vandyk Law have helped thousands of these residents to make it through their divorce or separations quickly and confidently. Our firm understands that this will probably be a person’s most difficult time in life. A listening ear, firm resolve, and copious experience are needed to help someone through it. The attorneys at Vandyk Law look forward to being that advocate. Don’t delay in calling our office today.

We look forward to helping our clients understand the different types of divorce: No-fault, Uncontested, Simplified, and Limited Divorce.

Carolyn Vandyk has won the esteemed “2021 Best Attorney - Divorce” as part of the local Sonoma County “Bohemian” Magazine in their “Best of the North Bay” edition.

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