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Recent Case Results

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Client was arrested twice for DUI within months. The second incident involved a major non-injury collision and a high blood alcohol content. Results – Was able to negotiate two first offense DUIs with no enhancements with only one DUI fine. All jail time was suspended, so client never had to spend another day in jail.

Client was arrested for a second offense DUI. Client was facing jail time from 30-90 days, a mandatory one year driver’s license suspension, installation of ignition interlock device, 18 month DUI program, and criminal court fines of almost $2500. Instead, was able to bargain to a wet reckless for 10 days jail, criminal fines one-third of the DUI fine, and no installation of an ignition interlock device. Client’s license was never suspended; was able to set aside and dismiss any DMV suspension due to Title XVII violations at the DMV’s admin per se hearing. Client did not have to enroll in any DUI program and did not have to obtain mandatory SR-22 insurance because the suspension was set aside.

Client was facing hit and run and DUI charges with a blood alcohol content above .20. Was able to negotiate a disposition striking the blood alcohol content enhancement and hit and run charges.

Client was facing approximately 10-30 days of jail, but was not sentenced to any jail time.

Client was arrested for felony DUI with injury. Our Santa Rosa defense lawyer was able to negotiate a straight misdemeanor DUI with no injury.

Client was arrested for DUI with a blood alcohol content of .12 and above. Negotiated a wet reckless plea for one third the DUI fine.

Client was arrested for DUI with a blood alcohol content of .08, at the legal limit. Our DUI lawyers able to set aside the DMV suspension, and negotiated a dry reckless with a minimal fine. Client’s license was not suspended, did not have to attend a DUI school, was not required to obtain SR-22 insurance, did not have to do any jail time, and does not have a prior DUI or wet reckless on her DMV record.

Client was arrested for DUI with a blood alcohol content above .15. Obtained set aside order at the DMV hearing.

Drug Crimes

In a felony marijuana sales case, our sale of marijuana lawyers successfully suppressed marijuana for violations of the Fourth Amendment’s search and seizure clause by law enforcement who entered a home and searched luggage. In a misdemeanor drug case, our Santa Rosa drug crimes lawyer successfully suppressed drug paraphernalia for search and seizure violations by law enforcement who did an illegal search on the person.

In a felony marijuana sales case, successfully suppressed marijuana for violations of the Fourth Amendment’s search and seizure clause by law enforcement who entered a home and searched luggage.

Sex Crimes

Client was facing felony sex crimes charges with a minor. Our sex crimes lawyer was able to negotiate a shortened jail and probation sentence. Significantly, the Court, after lengthy argument and discovery, did not impose registration as a sex crime offender.

Domestic Violence

Client was facing serious felony charges that exposed him to an 11 year prison sentence as well as strike offenses. After preliminary hearing, was able to negotiate a credit for time served and no probation disposition on a minor misdemeanor domestic violence charge.

Client was facing misdemeanor charges of domestic violence. Successfully threw out statements made by client to police in violation of Miranda and was able to eventually persuade prosecution to dismiss case.

Weapons Charges

Client was arrested while hunting for firing his rifle within 150 yards of an “occupied” structure. However, he had taken precautions to ensure that his previous understanding—that the residents of the house in question were no longer residing there—was still correct. Further, he had acted beforehand to make sure the house was, indeed, empty. The Defense argued in court that the as the statute required the house to be occupied, and the term “occupied” should be interpreted to require someone physically present within, Client had been arrested without probable cause. After the judge ruled that the client had been unlawfully arrested, defense got the charges dismissed.

Client was arrested after a gun in his possession discharged in a bar.  Client was charged with felony negligent discharge of a firearm, considered a strike offense under California law.  Was able to convince the judge and the prosecutor that the case was difficult to prove.  Case was eventually plea bargained for 45 days jail and a misdemeanor possession of a loaded firearm and misdemeanor drunk in public.

Client was arrested for having a concealed handgun in the vehicle. The prosecution was persuaded to dismiss the charges by our weapons charges attorney.

Violent Crimes

Client was arrested and charged with felonies – strong arm robbery and assault causing great bodily injuries – two strike offenses. At preliminary hearing, judge dismissed the robbery and the great bodily injury and reduced the assault to a misdemeanor. Case was eventually settled for a misdemeanor disturbing the peace violation with no further jail time.

In a gang case, client was charged with kidnapping, torture and various other violent crimes that, without the help of our violent crimes lawyer, if convicted, would have put client in prison for the remainder of his life without the possibility of parole. After preliminary hearing, prosecution offered felony assault charges that will have client out of custody in six years.

Theft Related Offenses

Client was arrested for felony auto theft. After extensive plea negotiations with the help of our theft attorney, defendant was given an infraction (the same as a traffic ticket) for disturbing the peace and fined a small amount.

Other Traffic Cases

Client was facing hit and run charges. Hit and run charges were successfully dismissed and client was convicted only of a traffic violation, for which he was able to go to traffic school.