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What is Domestic Violence?

The California legal definition of domestic violence is when your current or former spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, someone you have a child in common with, someone you live(d) with, or someone you are related to by blood or marriage, does one of the following (Fam. Code §§ 6211,6203&6320(a))

  • Causes or attempts to cause you physical injury;
  • Sexually assaults you;
  • Makes you fear that you or another person is in danger of immediate, serious physical injury;
  • Molests, attacks, strikes, batters (uses force), or stalks you;
  • Threatens or harasses you, either in person or through phone calls, emails, etc.;
  • Destroys your personal property; and/or
  • Disrupts your peace.

Temporary Restraining Order aka TRO

A temporary restraining order is filed as an ex parte motion. It is of limited duration until the judge can hold a hearing on the issue. To be granted a TRO you must be able to convince the judge that he or she will suffer immediate irreparable harm unless the order is issued. TRO’s are issued outside of a hearing, inside the judge’s chambers. If the temporary order is granted, a hearing will be set, at which time the TRO will be extended or dropped.

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