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Santa Rosa Standard Orders AttorneyThere are many types of orders that can typically be found and used in California Family Law matters.  You may not know what orders are available to you or how to obtain one.  We understand that this may be a completely new and foreign situation for you and we recommend that you reach out to an experienced Santa Rosa Standard Orders Lawyer.  Let the compassion team at Vandyk Law put our knowledge of family legal matters, and the governing California Laws,  to work for you.

TYPES OF STANDARD ORDERS – Get Legal Assistance From a Santa Rosa Standard Orders Lawyer

Marital Settlement Agreements aka MSA

Marital Settlement Agreement, also known as an MSA, is the document that sets out the terms of a divorce settlement between two spouses. The marital settlement agreement (MSA) is usually incorporated into the final judgment and issued by the judge so that it has the force of a court order. It will assign division of assets and debts, custody and visitation and alimony. If you own real property, this document must be submitted with the judgment.

Stipulation and Order –

A binding agreement signed by the parties and the judge. This eliminates the need to ask the judge to decide the issue. Generally, a Stipulation and Order, or “Stip” as it is commonly called, is smaller in size than the MSA and it focuses on fewer issues. Whether you are going through a divorce or are divorced but need to change a previously agreed-upon order, you may be able to file a Stipulation and Order.

Qualified Domestic Relations Order

Also known as QDRO, this is order is a judgment or decree for a retirement plan to pay child support, alimony or marital property rights to a spouse, former spouse, child, or another dependent of a participant.

Request for Order (RFO)

After your petition is filed you can ask the court to grant a temporary order while your case is in the process. Filing an RFO will generate a court date. Some of the most common reasons one would file an RFO are:

  • Request for custody and visitation order
  • Request for child and/or spousal support order
  • Request to take the child out of county or state or keep the child in county or state order
  • Request an order for attorney fees
  • Request an emergency order (ex parte)

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