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Information about Sonoma County weapons charges and weapon-related offenses

Santa Rosa Weapons Charges AttorneysThere are many laws relating to weapons, especially in California.  Many times, these laws are so voluminous and so complicated that sometimes law enforcement does not know about the details of each and every law.  Weapons violations can be misdemeanors, felonies, or charged as either. To have the best defense for your weapons charges, you need to call the experienced Santa Rosa Weapons Charges Attorney at Vandyk Law.

There are a number of weapons charges in California, including:

  • Carrying a concealed weapon – A restriction on the carrying of certain weapons on one’s person in such a manner that is hidden from the view of others.  This can sometimes include somewhere in the same vehicle or close to one’s immediate surroundings where the weapon is easily reachable.
  • Simple possession – The strictest of standards, some weapons are prohibited from any form of private ownership at all, even if kept in one’s dwelling under secure conditions (such as a safe).  Typically this covers military devices, such as bombs, artillery, machine guns, nuclear devices, and chemical weapons.
  • Carry in plain site – The opposite of concealed carry, some jurisdictions make it a crime to carry certain weapons in plain view of others. Reasoning may include to prevent intimidation or menacing, to create a friendlier-looking population by removing visual symbols of violence, or to spite/control a segment of the population known for the carry of certain weapons (such as the samurai caste during the Meiji era).
  • Improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle
  • Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
  • Possession of a weapon by a convicted felon
  • Firing or shooting an object into an occupied building
  • Selling a firearm
  • Possession of an assault weapon

California is a May-Issue state.  A May-Issue jurisdiction is one that requires a permit to carry a concealed handgun, and where the granting of such permits is partially at the discretion of local authorities (frequently the sheriff’s department or police).  The law states that a granting authority “may issue” a permit if various criteria are met, or that the permit applicant must have “good cause” to carry a concealed weapon.  Self defense in and of itself usually does not satisfy the “good cause” requirement.

Penalties for Sonoma County Weapons Charges

Misdemeanor Charges – Misdemeanor weapons charges can carry a penalty of up to one year in jail.  A fine of up to $1,000 can also be served.

Felony Charges – Felony weapons charges often result in a penalty of prison time. An individual could receive the penalty of jail time from one year up to 20 years in the state of California.  The type of offense, prior criminal record, and circumstances surrounding the arrest are factored into the length of time an individual is required to serve time.

California gun charges are the most common weapons charges that you could face.  However, weapons charges also can originate with other items, such as knives, box cutters, swords, brass knuckles, and baseball bats.  If you’ve been accused of illegal possession of a firearm, committing a crime using a deadly weapon, having a firearm with illegal enhancements, or any other weapons offense, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  Attorney Carolyn Vandyk has represented many people in cases where they were facing weapons charges at the state and federal levels.  A skilled defense attorney is essential in defending weapons charges.  There are hundreds of potential defenses.  Which defense applies is dependent on the specific facts of the case.

How Contacting a Santa Rosa Weapons Charges Attorney at Vandyk Law Can Help

Contact Santa Rosa weapons charges lawyer Carolyn Vandyk at (707) 528-1100 for a confidential consultation if you have a gun or weapons case or a case involving any felony matter where a gun or weapons enhancement is alleged.  If you are facing Santa Rosa weapons charges, Vandyk Law is conveniently located in Santa Rosa and serves all of Sonoma County.